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A short promo video about the resort hotel, its areas, amenities and activities that you can do that was created back in the 90s

Proposed infrastructure

Building an Eco Condominium Hotel of 336 Apartments.
We have a ready, professional-grade feasibility study, should the buyer wishes to adapt it

Who We Are & What We Do

Read information on the ownership and key people behind the project.

Captain Nikolas Zacharopoulos

Find out who is the man behind the Resort and what he has to say.

CEA Project Managers Hotel & Leisure Consultants

Read the profile of Colin Evans, the renowned world class bespoke hotel and leisure consultant who prepared our Feasibility Study.

Captain Nikolas Resort Hotel has been operating in the area for the past 23 years, and it is characterized by the Brazilian media as one of the best resort boutique hotels in the north-east of Brazil.

reasons to invest

Title Deeds

Fully owned estate with Title Deeds. No middlemen, no complications on decision making

Zero Loan Estate

The estate is fully paid by own personal funds and is a direct foreign investment to Brazil according to the rules set by the Brazilian Central Bank by our European company based in Cyprus and has no encumbrances, no mortgages and has zero loans. This is a crystal clear investment

Feasibility Study

Available feasibility studies (for Beach front Eco Condo Hotel and Self-Service Restaurant) by renowned experts (CEA Associates) International Consultant Colin Evans  (UK) (view profile)


The estate is available for either part or full purchase or as an investment opportunity according to our professional grade feasibility study

Big Estate/Own Island

195,000 m2 of land, giving ample spacing for a luxurious development on a beachfront lush tropical paradise.

Captain Nikolas Island located in Santo Antonio River right opposite the beach-front Resort, ready for building

Own Beach and River

375 meters of private beach, named after our Principal: “Praia Captain Nikolas”, The beach in total is more than 20 km and it's elected consecutively every year among the 3 best beaches of Brazil!

Santo Antonio River is passing through our estate, providing us with unpolluted clean fresh water as well as excellent seafood!

Ready Building Permits

The issuing of building permits is already approved from the municipality. The estate is ready for development and expansion, as soon as the architectural plans and rest of documentation are submitted.

Tropical Trees & Climate

4,000 fully grown organic tropical trees, such as Coco, Mango, Caju, Banana, Graviola, Cerola, Pitanga, and Pina among others. Ideal Subtropical Climate - Temperatures of 24-34 celsius all year round

Prime Location

The state of Alagoas is fizzing with developments on many frontiers and it had a 45% increase in inbound tourism compared to 2015.

More info

Why the North-East (Nordeste)

Pristine and Unspoiled No.1 internal tourist destination of Brazil. Primary location for tourism/hotel industry investment nationally (a.k.a. the Upcoming Cancun of Brazil)

Evaluation Report

View the official 2016 August evaluation report of the estate (Proprietary Information/All Rights Reserved)

Estate Title Deeds

All the estate's title deeds are available (Letter of Intent and Proof of Funds are required before these can be presented)

Multimedia-  Photos and Videos

View maps, photos and videos of our green lush tropical beachfront estate and the area around it.

Area Developments

Find out about developments in the booming Alagoas area and why it's now the time to invest in this sought after and attractive location for construction and tourist industry professionals looking to build luxury beachfront resorts

Proposed Investment Opportunity

Explore our proposed investment options available for this excellent business opportunity (Open to negotiations and to your own business ideas)

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Visit Captain Nikolas Island Resort page on Trip Advisor to read Comments and reviews from people who have visited the resort, see photos and more.


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