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Captain Nikolas Zacharopoulos is 69 years old and his nationality is Greek. He is an international businessman, ex captain of merchant ships and shipbroker. Previous owner of a sawmill and plywood manufacturing companies, specialized in the production, marketing and sales internationally, operating for the last 45 years in four continents and possessing unique knowledge on the most of the commercial timber species worldwide.

Current Business Activities

  • 1981 – Present: Owner and president of NZ Interholding BVI Group, under world famous Brastimber LTD name, dealing with Manufacturing, Marketing and Sale of wood, sawed timber and timber products, developing markets and selling from South America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Africa, Asia: Malaysia and Solomon Islands, Central and Eastern Europe: Romania and Russia, the Baltics: Estonia and Scandinavia: Finland to the Balkans: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania to North Africa: Egypt, Near East, Far East: Japan and Middle East: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The Emirates and Kuwait.
  • 1993 – Present: Owner of Captain Nicolas Island Ecological Resort Hotel in Alagoas-Brazil, an external (overseas) direct foreign investment to Brazil by NZ Paradise Hotels LTD a Cyprus Company, of more than US$20,000,000, in 1993 (1R$ to USD1.18$- rate at the time) according to Central Bank of Brazil rules of foreign investment, in the Brazilian company owner of the resort: NZ Exotic Hoteis LTDA.
  • 2015 – Present: Creation of a new division, under its wing, dealing with foodstuff imports/exports
  • 2006 – Present: Major shareholder of “SILVERLAY LTD” (Importing/Exporting/Trading Petroleum Products from Russia/CIS Countries.

Past Business Activities

  • FACTORIES (1980 to 2000): 1. VAMOS MOUNTAIN STONES LTD (Building Materials Industry - Prefabricated Stones Factory – Imported from U.S.A.), 2. ORGANIC FERTILIZER LTD (FERTILIZER PLANT / INDUSTRY)
  • MERSOL (Middle East Research & Sales Organization LTD), Offering Market Research Services to International Blue Chip Companies looking to enter E.M.E.A Markets)
  • Representing exclusively since 1980 world famous leading companies such as: Duratex-Brazil, Eucatex-Brazil, International Paper-Brazil, Masisa (Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela), Zugman / Lavrama-Brazil and many others. Lately Brastimber Ltd representing Finnish Fibreboard Ltd, Finland for Middle East and S. East Asia. Recently started selling Estonian (Skano LTD) and Russian (Others) timber products as well.
  • Under Brastimber name (Brasilian Ideal Home Division) representing exclusively in Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Balkan area, Near East, Middle East and North Africa, Deca (member of Duratex Itau Bank Group) one of the 10 largest producers of sanitary ware and fittings in the world and Inter D+ (member of Duratex Itau Bank Group) who are handling the export of more than 200 of the largest manufacturers of furniture and timber products in Brazil.
  • Major shareholder of Braspaper Ltd a paper trading company operating in Middle East, Near East, North Africa and Cyprus exclusively representing Champion, International Paper Brazil, MD Papeis Brazil and many others.
  • During the decade of 1970 represented exclusively UNI LEVER Group (U.A.C. timber division London) selling sawn timber and logs through our companies: Xylexotic SA, Parquetropico LTD (and Others), *pioneered marketing and sale of unknown at the time high quality timber species from Africa, Asia and the Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Indonesia and West Africa to Greece, Cyprus and the Near East countries.
  • *For the last 36 years has been introducing new species of wood, sawed timber and timber products, developing markets and selling products from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Romania, Russia, Africa, Asia and others to Greece, Cyprus, North Africa, Near East and Middle East under the companies Brastimber LTD, Xylexotic LTD, CYPREICO LTD, World Timbex LTD in Cyprus, Brastimber Ltda Brazil, Boltimber and Brastimber (Bol) in Bolivia, Amazotimber A.G., Timbex A.G. and Tropilog A.G. in Switzerland and ITC Cyprus, Inteco Greece (associated companies).
  • OVERSEACO LTD & PKP J.P. CO. O.E. Greece: 1970 to 1990, General Trading, also exclusive importer and distributor of Famous Alcoholic Beverages such as CATTO’s Whiskey (Est.1896) and others.
  • During his long business life (SINCE 1965) he has acquired extensive experience in many other business sectors.

A few words from the Captain himself

Dear friend,

My name is Captain Nikolas Zacharopoulos and it's my great pleasure to communicate  with you.

I am the owner of Captain Nikolas Island Ecological Resort Hotel in Brazil and I am looking for investors/buyers for my resort.

It's a beachfront boutique resort hotel in Ilha da Croa, Barra de Santo Antonio, Alagoas, located at the sub-tropical tourist attraction north east of Brazil. According  to the Brazilian  Media my resort hotel is considered one of the best at the tourist area of Brazil, which is located at the Northeast of Brazil in the Prefecture of Barra De Santo Antonio in the State of Alagoas. 

Please note that I got my own beach there, in front of the resort, and it's named by the federal government after me: "Praia Captain Nikolas".  It's about 20 km in size and it's elected as one of the 3 best beaches in Brazil. 

In addition, French President for Brazil of Sofitel/Novotel as well as Vice President of INTERCONTINENTAL, MARIOTT/RENAISSANCE visited my resort, stayed for a few days, and were impressed with the location, the work done and its natural beauty. They have expressed an interest to manage the resort provided that it will be expanded to include more beds, needless to say they were one out of many, so, for this reason I got a professional feasibility study made by late Colin Evans. You might have heard of him as he has built several luxury bespoke resorts during his lifetime, most of them for major hotel chains. Marriott, Renaissance, Palace Rio, Caesar Park, many others in Brazil, South America and the Emirates.

The plan is to expand the resort by adding 336 keys to it, 4 buildings of luxurious 1-2-3 bedroom suites as well as several amenities. You may read all about it on this website which I have created exclusively for this reason.

Please note that the Hotel is owned wholly by me, it's a properly registered foreign investment made in Brazil with own funds of about 20 000 000 dollars (about 25 000 000 Euro at the time ) back in the Nineties, it's free from any Mortgage or any Finance. Owner is my Cyprus company: 90% NZ Paradise Hotels (Overseas) LTD and 10% myself. Business is crystal clear. 

The official 2016 evaluation of the estate is €23,000,000. I am open to your proposal.

It is a great opportunity for investors for the Tourist Industry of Brazil considering the largely unexploited dynamic and potential of Brazil being one of the World’s most beautiful locales. 

Please note that I am interested in selling either the whole project or 50%. In case there will be any agreement of the two above I am willing initially to stay with the new investor/partner to help them structure everything.

In our proposed investment opportunities you may find currently 4 options:

  1. Sale of 50% of the whole land and infrastructure.
  2. Sale of 100% of the whole land and infrastructure.
  3. Investment Option of 15.000 to 20.000 m2 (or more) for developing a 5 star luxury eco-condo hotel 
  4. Investment Option of 15.000 to 20.000 m2 (or more) for developing a self service restaurant for 500/1000 people and 10/80 apartments to let.
Kindly also note that we got a professional feasibility study available for both investment options-provided the sale of the land has taken place first.

About the location: 

Brazil is still a developing country, unlike the US, Europe or Southeast Asia where near everything is already developed. Needless to say that there are still great opportunities for investment in Brazil, especially in the greatly unexploited sector of the tourist industry. 

Brazil is a very rich country as well. It has a tremendous amount of resources and raw materials, including petrol and natural gas, it has 4 times a year crops and it's the world's biggest exporter of many precious commodities. 

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the World and receives only 6 000 000 foreign tourists per year and its tourist industry is at its infancy. However, please note that Brazilians, more than half of their population of more than 200 million people, travel regularly inside their country, particularly in the Northeast which is considered their vacation area, especially now with their heavily depreciated currency against the Euro/Dollar which prevents them from traveling abroad. 

My resort usually attracts both, local and international tourists alike. With proper care, operation, marketing and administration including the expansion of the existing infrastructure, resort rooms and food and beverage operation, it will be a very profitable business with a brilliant future. 

If this business interests you, you are very welcome to do business together. 

Please feel free to browse my website for more information.

With respect,

Captain Nikolas Zacharopoulos

We are currently looking for prospective agents who are interested to promote this exquisite investment opportunity. You may download our sales contract here.

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