Investment Options

investment options


Sale or Investment Option for 15.000 to 20.000 m2 (or more) for developing a 5 star luxury eco-condo hotel.



Sale or Investment Option for 15.000 to 20.000 m2 (or more) for developing a self service restaurant for 500/1000 people and 10/100 apartments to let.


The complete feasibility studies will be presented after and NDA is signed, a Letter of Intend is signed and proof of funds are presented.


Through a number of professional feasibility studies we have prepared various investment options that you can choose to adapt, should you choose to invest in the project.

Option 1

Building an Eco Condominum Hotel of 336 Apartments

Please also view the below supporting document which gives you ideas/suggestions for promoting to to both equity investors and Unit Buyers (eco-condol beach-front luxury apartments)

PLEASE NOTE: Both of the above studies have been conducted based on our professional-grade feasibility study and our conducted on-site market research in 2012 and the results shown thereof along with the financial assumptions are based on the facts and data of those previous years. 

Current data and financial projections should be based taking into account our current 2016 official evaluation report instead.

Option 2

Building a Self Service Restaurant and Apartments with complete Infrastructure


Send an email with your contact details and any comments and we will get back to you. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only serious proposals will be considered and proof of funds will be asked before we enter into any negotiation.

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