Colin Evans Profile

Colin Evans Profile

The feasibility study was created by late Colin Evans, an internationally renowed consultant specializing in the real estate, tourism and hotel industry.

The late Colin Evans was the owner of CEA (Colin Evans Associates), a consulting company, providing professional services for construction and real estate. With over 35 years of international experience in North and South America including the Caribbean, and more recently the Middle East and Asia, in recent years, CEO has become specialized in commercial, institutional, resort, leisure and large mixed- use projects.

Colin Evans' clients where those people and organizations responsible for the inception, implementation and completion of construction projects, Owners, Government Departments (e.g. Australian, Brazilian, UK, and USA. Canada, German, French, Nigerian, Saudi Arabia and others) Government Financial Agencies (e.g. IFC and IICC of the World Bank), Hotel Operators (e.g. Marriott, Choice Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt, Blue Tree Hotels, Accor, Sheraton, etc), Banks such as (JP Morgan/Chase and Citibank) Financial Institutions (e.g. Pension Funds Previ and Funcef) and Developers in General.

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