Investments in the Area

The natural beauty of the area influences investment decision

The natural beauty of the state and and beautiful capital influences the decision of investors from other states of the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and foreigners to invest in real estate construction of hotels, hostels, supermarkets, apartment buildings, condominiums and small industries, medium and large, restaurants, major international eateries etc., thus changing every day the urban landscape and changing the city's infrastructure and, as a promising market for high investments, not only in the tourism market, but in several sectors trade and industry etc


In the last decade the city has turned into a great construction site. Building the various segments of civil construction with investments for the tourism industry: hotels, hostels, restaurant; property: buildings, codomínios, allotments; trade and services: shopping malls, stores, department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies; education: universities, schools, language schools; health: health center, UPA 24HS, hospital and HGE and H.U reform, clinics etc., with real growth in various sectors of construction, in recent years there has been a great real estate valuation.

Supermarket Assaí Atacadista.

Supermarket Hiper Extra.

Supermercado Maxxi.


Maceio as the newest Brazilian tourist destination and abroad in the last five years, the city grew and received new investors for the construction of modern shopping's to meet a new demand of the trade market and services in one place and meet the locals , tourists, business visitors and big business. Point of day and night and meeting place for tasting the best gastronomy and commerce services, health, food, banking and informal etc., in order to comfort, tranquility and security. Urban appreciation of the environment and the growing real estate investment in construction with openings of new avenues of access and the coastal road link with the plateau improving infrastructure and transport corridors between the neighborhoods and the airport.

Maceió Shopping - Mangabeiras.

Parque Shopping Mall.


New stores materials of great national and international-sized buildings, emerged in Maceió in the last five years, the city has become more competitive in the construction market. New building technologies and new products to meet the demand of the population and new investors who build and rise in urban space every day, new ventures, not only in the capital but also throughout the state.

Loja Material Leroy Merlin.

Loja Material Tupan.

Loja Material Carajás.


With the consolidation of Brazil in international tourism script, the increased flow of tourists in all states of the federation, new airports have been built and renovated to support the demand of domestic and foreign visitors. The airport and the port of Maceio were rebuilt side of the existing with new and modern facilities to receive aircraft and national and international cruise ships. Maceio was chosen by the tour companies, news media, television company and travel magazine as one of the most beautiful Brazilian cities. The port and airport serve as marketing the products of Alagoas industry and receipt of domestic and international source of income.

Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport.


The construction of  Convention Centre of the Maceió- Ruth Cardoso came to fill a large gap that existed and enable the business meeting tourism market: health conferences and educational events, cultural exposure, state fairs, national and international presentation musical show, comedy and theater etc., valuing all real estate environment and transport VLT deployment.

Convention Center Auditorium Maceio.

Convention Center Auditorium Maceio.


The state and local governments Teem invested in opening new roads to link between the towns of tourist hub with the capital to develop the tourism flow; the capital has a new urban infrastructure, with new lines connecting the neighborhoods improve the displacements of collective and private transport and tourism. The connection of the highway AL 101 South linking the capital with the south coast beaches and BR-101, has greatly improved the tourism flow; the State and Federal Governments, with funds from the Ministry of Tourism, are starting Via Azul - Doubling AL 101Norte - connecting the capital with the north coast to the border with the state of Pernambuco. The resumption of the pace of duplication of BR-101 by the Federal Government - link the states of North northeast with the commercial and financial center of the south-southeast of the country enabling economic growth of the production center with the consumer center and vice versa with the integration of existing roads to the flow of products with other producers and consuming centers.

Access roads Urban and Inter – Maceio.

Vias de acesso Urbana e Intermunicipal - Maceió.

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