Brief History-Presentation of Property

24 years ago we decided to commence our investment plan and proceeded initially with the purchase of over 226.000m2 of land part of which is environmentally protected mangrove. Land is located at Ilha Da Croa, Barra Do Santo Antonio, near Maceio, in the state of Alagoas in the north-east of Brazil, which is currently booming and it is considered as the upcoming Tourist  destination for Brazil, where the sun shines and the temperature ranges from 24 to 34ºC all year round.

Ecology – Beauty - Recognition

On the plot we have planted more than 3.000 fully grown coconut trees and 1000 other tropical fruit trees, such as Caju (Cashew), Mango, Cerola, Bananas, Papaya and many others, cultivated organically without any chemical or other fertilizers. On this lush green tropical forest you may encounter many animal species such as macacos (small monkeys). On one side the plot ends on a white sandy beach of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach about 25km in length has been officially named, by the local authorities, as Praia Capt. Nikolas and is considered among the three most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Three miles off our coast there are spectacular coral reefs breeming with tropical marine life. The second largest coral reef reserve in the world after the one in Australia. On the other side the plot ends at the Santo Antonio River, with mangroves where hundreds of different species of crab and other moluscs live. 

A short video about the Hotel's Restaurant and the surrounding area.

By looking at this 3.5 mins video, you can get an idea of the hotel area, surroundings, environment and the area around the hotel.

This short video was created to promote the main restaurant inside the hotel, rented out at the time.

Our Spot: a Local, National and an International Prospect

The Dourado Coast, extending from Maceio to Recife, was selected by the World Bank for tourist development in Brazil because of its beautiful landscape and ideal climatic conditions. The World Bank finances the necessary infrastructure and when the whole project is finished it is anticipated to be the most successful tourist destination in Central and South America, better than the Caribbean and Cancun.

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